How to Create A Bodyworker Profile 

 July 13, 2020

By  Mark Reynolds (Admin)

Content Tips For Bodyworker Profiles

The value of each field on the profile form is assigned to a specific place within the Bodyworker post layout. Special tips for specific fields are explained below.

PLEASE NOTE --> This tutorial is currently being updated due to a recent upgrade to the Bodyworker Profile design and new fields that were completed on 4th September 2023.

Bodyworker Listing Example of Field Locations

First Name & Last Name

While these fields are optional, filling them in will mean visitors can use the search field below the map to search for you by name.

Book Online

The Book Online buttons will only display if the Booking URL field has a value.


Write in the 1st person ("Hi my name is...") to create a welcoming and relaxed conversational tone. Just like with the Feature Image, you want the reader to feel familiarity and connection with you.

Use simple language that any age can immediately understand. Unless your ideal clients are Shamans, most people aren't going to understand and resonate with deep spiritual concepts and language. So write for your audience's level, not your level.

The purpose of this section is to introduce yourself and your business. We have intentionally limited this field to 500 characters and plain text because as the average person's attention span online is becoming shorter and shorter, it is imperitive you can capture your ideal client's attention with the fewest amount of words. If they resonate with what you write, they'll continue reading.

Services Offered & Pricing

These sections are unrestricted in length and allow formatting. Check out Mana Body Therapies for a great example on how you can neatly format your content.

If you have a long pricing list on your website and you don't want to duplicate it here, then add a direct link to your website pricing page instead.

Feature Image

Let readers see you smile!

Everything about your online profile needs to be about creating a feeling of familiarity and connection with the reader. Nothing does that better than authentic, warm, smiling eyes looking directly into the camera. If you can be like Sharee above and make it an 'in action' shot then you're on a winner! 


The screenshot above demonstrates an example of a well proportioned Feature Image when displayed on a Desktop or Laptop computer. Because the image is landscape, it means the About, Availability and Follow page elements are all immediately visible upon page load.

Recommendation - Upload a Feature Image with a width to height ratio of 10:6.
1200px wide by 720px high is ideal.

Image File Size

Large image file sizes create slow page load speeds. Before uploading a photo, resize it to the dimensions above and save as a JPG/JPEG.

Learn how to Crop and Resize your images and then Compress them using these FREE online tools:

Social Media URLs

Six fields have been provided to gather the URLs for business:

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page
  • Website
  • YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Twitter Account

On the right side of your Bodyworker profile is a toggle which reads "Follow". Clicking that will display a button for each Social Media field that contains a value. No value means the respective button will not display. Clicking a button will open the linked social media page in a new browser tab.

Learn More

New Bodyworker Profile Form

When filling out the New Bodyworker Profile form, this field is found below the Pricing field and is for anything else you would like to communicate or share with visitors to your profile. 

While the form editor has limitations, after you have submitted the form and it has been processed and published by the site admin, you will then be able to log in and edit the content of this section with far more options available to you than before. You can add:

  • Single Images or Photo Galleries
  • Videos
  • Quotes which are great for Reviews
  • Tables
  • Embed your online booking system
  • Linked buttons

Future Editing of the Main Content Section

When editing your profile at a later date, the bulk of your content is found at the top of the editing screen between the Business Name title and the Bodyworker Profile Fields section. 

You can also click the plus sign icon to see the additional block options available to you.

Edit Bodyworker Learn More Section

Content Ideas for the Main Content Section

  • Have a lot of text to add? 
    Use headings to break up a wall of text so that readers can quickly scan and find the information they need. It looks better and headings also improve your Google page ranking.
  • Tag line
  • Video of you massaging a 'client' (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Case Studies
  • Favourite Quote
  • Why Experience A KaHuna Massage?
  • Transport Options - How to get to your appointment
  • Parking Information
  • Clinic Features
    Infra-red Sauna, Showers, Visitor Parking, Hot Towel Finish, Waiting Area etc 
  • FAQ
  • Cancellation, Booking Change & Refund Policy
  • Private Health Rebates
  • Photo Gallery
    3, 6, or 9 small images
    2, 4, 6 larger images
  • Reviews
    Use the QUOTE paragraph type to automatically format the text with an indent and a space at the bottom for the reviewer's name. Bolding the most impactful sentence can capture the reader's attention and it might be the only part they read!

Additional Fields

KaHuna Australia is continuously evolving. As new insights and feedback are received, additional fields and changes may be required. As such when editing your profile you may encounter extra fields which are not displayed to the visitor. At present, these fields are:

  • Certified By - An idea is on the drawing board to ensure only certified bodyworkers are listed on KaHuna Australia.
  • Clinic Based or Mobile? - Data collection only at this stage but in the future it could be used by visitors to filter the map results.
  • Therapist Gender - Data collection only at this stage but in the future it could be used by visitors to filter the map results.

Don't have a website? 

You can still buy a domain and have the domain registrar forward all traffic directly to your KaHuna Australia Profile URL. This gives new prospects and easy way to find your booking details and you can proudly display your domain name on your business cards and pamphlets.

If at a later date you build your own website, you can have your domain registrar redirect your domain to the new site.


How did you go?

If you have constructive input for improving the tutorial, please submit a Feedback Form so that we can collectively optimise profile creation for everyone!

Mark Reynolds (Admin)

15 years of soul searching lead me to discover that what lights me up the most also gives me unlimited energy. Achieving greatest efficiency is a passion that permeates through everything I do, from systemising my life to fully surrendering to my Manifesting Generator Human Design Type.

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