Building the KaHuna Bodyworker Dream

Are you dreaming of running your own healing practice but struggling to make it a reality? No doubt you love the healing work but is setting up your clinic, getting clients, handling the admin, IT and marketing aspects about as much fun as chewing glass?

Or perhaps you have achieved some level of success already but your business is not as streamlined as you would like it to be. How would it change your life if you could squeeze in a few more clients each week, expand your practice or carve out more free time for yourself?

Well those are some of the challenges KaHuna Australia is gearing up to help you with!

Want to help?

In the coming weeks and months we will create opportunities to submit content to showcase your personalities, passions and brilliance to flesh out the KaHuna Australia blog with engaging learning content and resources. The more quality content we can produce, the more quality traffic will flow through this site and into your business listings. 

Let's meet these challenges together to build your KaHuna dream and aid KaHuna Bodywork and Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage to flourish Australia-wide and globally!

What's in the pipeline?

  1. Create a webinar or video tutorial to walk you through creating your own KaHuna Australia Listing.
  2. Provide a means for KaHuna Bodyworkers to start blogging on this platform so that their articles have links back to their own business listing.
  3. Makeover this homepage.