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West Gosford 

Giteekaji is me, I’ve been massaging since 2011, have delicate strong calming presence. And gentle hands... I’m healer by nature.

Brisbane North Lakes

Calming Concepts is a home-based Massage and Pampering clinic for women only. Offering Perfect Pressure Massage, Ka Huna Bodywork and Pregnancy Massage, Body Treatments, Facials and Pamper Parties.

Melbourne Ivanhoe

Irene has 5 years of experience as a kahuna practitioner. She is a yoga teacher, trauma sensitive, and is currently studying psychotherapy. She combines the wisdom of the body, with mind and spirit in a very unique offering.

Want to help grow KaHuna Australia?

We've just wrapped up the rebuild of the bodyworker listing directory so our new priority is to handhold bodyworkers through the process of adding their listings. Webinars are currently in development so much out for those! 

After that we'll be creating opportunities for bodyworkers to submit content to share knowledge for the greater good. The more quality content we can produce, the more quality traffic will flow through this site and into bodyworker listings. 

Let's meet these challenges together to build your KaHuna dream and aid KaHuna Bodywork and Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage to flourish Australia-wide and globally!

What's currently in the pipeline?

  1. Development of a webinar to handhold bodyworkers through the process of creating their listing.
  2. Provide a means for KaHuna Bodyworkers to start blogging on this platform.
  3. Invite the KaHuna community to brainstorming sessions to plan high value content to share.