How to Create A Bodyworker Listing 

 July 13, 2020

By  Mark Reynolds

This video tutorial provides step by step instructions for how to create a KaHuna Australia Bodyworker listing.

It is always a good idea to draft your main section content somewhere where a loss of internet connectivity or power won't cause you to lose your work i.e. in Google Docs.  

Video Tutorials

Create a Bodyworker Listing

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Edit your own Bodyworker Listing

Content Ideas For Bodyworker Listings

Main Body Content Ideas

Tag line

Video (YouTube, Vimeo)

Ask a powerful question that will capture the attention of your ideal client i.e. Hit a dead-end and know the only way forward is to completely change your path? Seeking support through that transformational period?] 

Welcome to [Your Business Name]
Content Idea: Try to answer the following as concise as possible:
- Why you do what you do?
- How do you do it?
- What do you do?

What problem are you especially good at solving? 
If you can articulate your customer's problem better then they can, they'll automatically assume you have the solution. Explain their pain point, agitate it and then move to the general solution and then your solution.

Favourite Quote

About Me
People buy you, not your product. Put another way, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

Why Experience A KaHuna Massage?

How Can I/We Help?

Where Can You Find Me/Us?

Open Hours


Clinic Features
Infra-red Sauna, Showers, Visitor Parking, Hot Towel Finish, Waiting Area etc 

How To Book A Session?

Cancellation, Booking Change & Refund Policy

Private Health Rebates

Photo Gallery
3, 6, or 9 small images
2, 4, 6 large images

Follow Me
While you can include Social media button links I don't actually recommend this because the goal of your listing should be to get the visitor to book a session. Social media links tend to lead to distraction instead.

Include reviewer's name, date, testimonial, short snippet to bold at the beginning to capture attention (it might be the only part they read).

Writing And Image Tips

Starting with a question that captures the visitor's attention can be powerful. Press the common pain points your clients are experiencing so they feel you are speaking right to them. Alternatively start with a quote that captures your essence.

Use headings to break up a wall of text so that readers can quickly scan and find the information they need. It looks better and headings also improve your Google page ranking. Check out Jacque Smith's listing as a great example:

Write in the 1st person to create a welcoming and relaxed conversational tone.

Use simple language that any age can immediately understand. Unless your ideal clients are Shamans, most people aren't going to understand and resonate with deep spiritual concepts and language. Write for your audience's level, not your level.

If you don't have a website you can still buy a domain and have the registrar forward all traffic to your listing.

Images - Large images create slow page load speeds. Before uploading a photo, resize it so that the height or width (whichever is the larger) is a maximum of 1200 pixels and save it in JPG format.

Feature Image - This is the image that is displayed above your Listing Title in the Search Results. If you do not include one, a default image will be displayed instead. Make sure the main subject of the image (you or your logo) is in the centre horizontally and vertically because depending on the screen size used by the visitor, the image could be displayed with dimensions anywhere from:

  • 3:2 ratio - a bit wider than the height
  • 7:2 ratio - very wide and low height

Image Alternate Text - For each image you add to your listing, look for a text field or text box that is titled "Alternate Text". In this area either type what the image is about.


How did you go?

If you have constructive input for improving the tutorial, please add a comment at the bottom of this page so that we can collectively make listing creation easier for everyone!

Mark Reynolds

My passions include psychic development, Heart-Storming, Law Of Attraction, crafting interesting Meetup event ideas, dancing Kizomba and helping people connect with their true calling. If you would like to connect with your true calling, register for my FREE Deep Dive session below. https://thedivineconnexion.com/deep-dive

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