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Mette’s Institute COVID19 Special Video Replay from Thursday 4th June 2020

Aloha I am Mette Sorensen and I’m passionate about Body Reading because I get to help people heal themselves in a personal, intimate and comfortable way. I like to make it real, fun and effective.

This video replay is for those of you who work within the fields of alternative therapies, healing and coaching.

I feel the need for us to connect, especially with what is happening on the planet right now. And it is going to be great to be prepared for what’s next. We are spread out across Australia and around the world…so NOW I am hosting an online event designed to radically shift one's perspective on how you can gain from giving.

Sharing with you from Our SACRED Space at High Spirits Retreat, to your own sacred space at home.  

What we will cover in this session:

  • How to be intentional with your posture and gestures so you move with confidence and help others (your clients) to do the same.
  • How to read the body in a natural way, so you can calm your nervous system in order to truly gain energy while you are dealing with a client, colleague or friend.
  • How to look at the body for the purpose of healing.
  • How to speak to the client with words and clues to help them open up more.
  • How to detect physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to bring to the surface for the purpose of healing and returning to a state of well-being.
  • Body Reading and Body Language will assist you to help clients go deeper into their own healing.
  • How to successfully use Meditation to learn more about body reading and understand the metaphysical association of how to heal your body and assist your clients to go deeper into their healing.  

Here’s how it is going to work:

  • Bring your journal or pen and paper
  • A yoga mat or floor mat
  • Have a candle on hand, ready to light
  • Sacred items e.g. candles, natural items, crystals set up before class
  • Shut the door, find a quiet spot and turn off the ringer and notifications!
  • A person to give to and receive from or find a large plush toy to use. 

Then we will lead you through the ceremony and teachings.

With Love  
Mette and Team

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