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Mette’s Institute COVID19 Special Video Replay from Thursday 11th June 2020

Join us in this online Up-Skill masterclass and be guided and supported by Mette and friends to upgrade or learn a Polynesian Floor Massage practice (material not taught in current courses) and learn all about how to maintain your health and add a deeper dimension to your bodywork through proper Postural Alignment for yourself and your clients.

It’s an all-new deep dive into the world of touch, oil free and fully clothed. We share practical ways you can touch and encourage the soft tissues of the body into ease, relaxation and to release, bringing wholeness and well-being to your clients bodies.

What we will cover in this session:

  • We will go over how to be intentional with your posture so you can prevent burnout as a bodyworker and work for as long as you like.
  • Show you more easy and effective ways to practice floor massage so you move with confidence and grace.
  • You will learn exercises to use with clients to alter their posture and positively influence their overall health.
  • Tools and tricks on how to gain energy from treating and giving massage that you can apply to other healing modalities you may use.
  • Techniques on how to adjust your own posture while treating so you avoid lower back pain and niggles in your knees, neck and shoulders.
  • New floor massage techniques for helping unlock tension held in your clients bodies.
  • Assessments on how to detect problem areas and support healing of the Body and Mind.
  • Bring the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air into your session and add an element of transformational bodywork to your sessions.

Here’s how it is going to work:

  • Bring your journal or pen and paper
  • A yoga mat or floor mat
  • Have a candle on hand, ready to light
  • Sacred items – e.g. candles, natural items, crystals set up before class
  • Shut the door, find a quiet spot and turn off the ringer and notifications!
  • A person to give to and receive from or find a large plush toy to use

Then we will lead you through the ceremony and teachings.

With Love
Mette and Team

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00:00  Hello To Participants

04:40  Light The Candle

09:16  Honouring The Client

12:00  Self Care

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00:00  Hello To The Body

01:35  Working With The Body

Video 3 of 6

00:00  Story

02:05  Bending And Stretching

Video 4 of 6

00:00  Story

03:18  More Tricks And Tools

Video 5 of 6

00:00  Question Time

05:20  Pre-Massage Stretch

12:30  Massage On The Table

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00:00  Wrap Up And Say Goodbye