July 13, 2020

Laptop And Notepad

This tutorial provides Step By Step instructions on how to create your KaHuna Australia Business Listing. We will start with filling out all the fields except the Description and Images fields. We'll then save the listing and show you how to edit it so you can add the Description and images afterwards. This way we can avoid the possible issue of the page timing out before we've saved what we've entered.

It is highly recommended that when drafting your content for the Description field, you do it in a Document Editor (such as Google Docs) then copy and paste it into the Description field.  This gives you a backup in case something goes wrong during submission i.e. you encounter an error, lose internet connectivity or the page times out.

Please add any questions and feedback in the Comments section at the bottom of this article and updates will be made accordingly.

Create Your Business Listing

  1. 1
    Click the Directory link in the menu at the top of this page. Otherwise browse to https://kahunaaustralia.com.au
  2. 2
    Click the Add Listing button in the top right.
  3. 3
    In the Listing Title type the name of your business. Your business name will appear in all lowercase after the listing subfolder in the URL link. For example: https://kahunaaustralia.com.au/listing/mana-bodywork-and-mentoring/ 
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Title
  1. 4
    If you would like to include a tagline, tick Does Your Business Have a Tagline? and another text box will be revealed. The value you enter here will appear below your listing title as indicated in the screenshot below.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Tagline
  1. 5
    In the Full Address field start typing the street address of your clinic and select from the options provided. This will be displayed below a map in the listing. If you live in a multi-tenanted property, type using the format of: 2/188 High St, Southport QLD, Australia
  2. 6
    Type your City and then select it from the options provided. Your selection will be displayed above the City field.
  3. 7
    Type your Phone number. This will be displayed as a clickable link in the listing.  
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Address
  1. 8
    If you have a website then copy and paste your website URL into the Website field. If you don't have a website but you do have an online booking system,  you might like to insert the booking system URL into the Website field instead.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Website URL
  1. 9
    For the Category select KaHuna Bodyworker and/or Heartworks Lomi Lomi from the drop down menu. The Listing Features will then appear. Tick all the features that are applicable to your clinic. Grey boxes = Not Selected.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Features Highlighted
  1. 10
    In the Business Hours section set the days and hours you are available to see clients. If your hours differ from 9am to 5pm then you'll need to click the X icon on the right of each day entry to delete them. Next select the day in the bottom row plus the start and end time. Click the blue + icon to add the entry. 
  2. 11
    If you want to split the day into 2 periods (maybe to account for a lunch break) then tick Add 2nd Time Slot? and enter the second set of times for that day. 
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Business Hours
  1. 12
    If you would like to display your Social Media pages on your listing then select the platform in the left field (drop down menu) then copy and paste your social media page URL into the right field

Tip: If all the information the visitor needs to make a booking can be included into your listing then sometimes it's best not to add social media links because that can be the quickest way to lose them! Think about it... how often have you gone to check something on Facebook, got distracted and completely forgotten why you went in there?

KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Social Media Links Highlighted
  1. 13
    Skip the Description section for now and we'll fill this out after we submit the listing.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Description
  1. 14
    The next field is for Search Tags. Enter keywords that uniquely identify characteristics of your listing so that visitors discover it when using the directory's Search function. Separate each keyword combination with a comma.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Tags
  1. 15
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are fantastic for additional content that is easy for visitors to locate rather than typing it all in the Description field.  It's also a special tactic for helping to eliminate a visitor's buying objections because you can very elegantly state their concerns and resolve them. Think about all the fears your client's have before booking a session and add them all here. You can add as many as you need.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing FAQ
  1. 16
    If you have a video you would like to display underneath your Listing Title and Tagline then you'll need to upload it to a video host such as YouTube and then copy and paste the URL into the Your Business Video field below. A separate tutorial on how to upload videos to YouTube will be provided in the future.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Business Video
  1. 17
    Skip the Images and Feature Image sections for now.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Images
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Featured Image
  1. 18
    If you created an account previously, tick Already Have account? and then enter your email and password and click Save & Preview
KaHuna Bodyworker Save Listing - Already Have Account
  1. 19
    To create an account for the KaHuna Australia web directory, enter your preferred email address and User Name. Your User Name can just be your Full Name. Please note that due to technical reasons, KaHuna Australia is actually two separate websites. So your web directory login account password is separate from your blog login account password. Click Save & Preview to submit your listing.
KaHuna Bodyworker Save and Preview Listing
  1. 20
    You will now be logged in, shown the result of your listing and you will receive the message: Your Listing Is Pending For Review. Once the KaHuna Australia Admin (myself) has checked and approved your listing, you will receive an email notification. Now it is time to edit your listing to add the DescriptionImages and Feature Image.

Edit Your Business Listing

  1. 21
    Hover your mouse over your User Name in the top right and then select Dashboard from the menu that appears.
KaHuna Australia Logged In Menu
  1. 22
    Click Listing in the left menu, then click the 3 vertical dots on the far right and then click Edit in the menu that appears. 
Edit KaHuna Bodyworker Listing
  1. 23
    Scroll down to the Description field and then click the toggle below to reveal a list of headings and content ideas you can selectively copy and paste into the Description field and flesh it out with your own content.

Tips: Use the drop down menu on the left of the Description toolbar to set the format of each heading to be HEADING 1 or 2 for the top most heading/quote/question, then HEADING 3 for all other headings.

Template Headings

[Ask a powerful question that will capture the attention of your ideal client i.e. Hit a dead-end and know the only way forward is to completely change your path? Seeking support through that transformational period?] 

Welcome to [Your Business Name]
Content Idea: Try to answer the following as concise as possible:
- Why you do what you do?
- How do you do it?
- What do you do?

[Insert your favourite quote]

People buy you, not your product. If they resonate with you, your purpose and you can describe what you do in a very captivating way, you have a much greater chance that they'll take the next step of starting a conversation with you and then you can deepen the rapport even further.









1. Starting with a question that captures the visitor's attention can be powerful. Press the common pain points your clients are experiencing so they feel you are speaking right to them. Alternatively start with a quote that captures your essence.

2. Use headings to break up a wall of text so that readers can quickly scan and find the information they need. It looks better and headings also improve your Google page ranking. Check out Jacque Smith's listing as a great example:

3. Write in the 1st person to create a welcoming and relaxed conversational tone.

4. Use simple language that any age can immediately understand. Unless your ideal clients are Shamans, most people aren't going to understand and resonate with deep spiritual concepts and language. Write for your audience not your ego.

5. If you don't have a website you can still buy a domain and have the registrar forward all traffic to your listing.

6. Do you have a cloud booking system such as Calendly.com? You can create text links in the description that directly transports the visitor to your booking system. For example you could hyperlink the words BOOK NOW to your booking system.

KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Description
  1. 24
    Now for the Images. Whenever you take a photo using your smartphone, it creates a very large image file and uploading those raw files directly into your listing is the number one cause for slow page loads. And the slower that is the worse your Google ranking will be. The most important thing to do is to resize the images to a max height of 354 pixels, save as JPG/JPEG and reduce the quality so the file size to less than 60kb. If you don't know how to do that, don't stress! I will do that for you when I review your listing. Once you've done that simply upload them to the Images field. It is recommended that you upload a minimum of 3 images then Save and refresh the preview to check the result.
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Images
  1. 25
    The Featured Image will be the image that is displayed above your Listing Title in Search results. If you do not include one, a default image will be displayed instead. The ideal dimensions for this image are: 372 x 240 pixels
KaHuna Bodyworker Listing Featured Image
How did you go? If you find any errors in this article or have constructive input for improving it, please add a comment at the bottom of this page so that we can collectively make creating listings easier for everyone!

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