KaHuna Massage

3 Thoresby Grove, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia   Show map

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KaHuna Massage

KaHuna Massage

3 Thoresby Grove, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia   Show map

KaHuna Massage

KaHuna Massage

3 Thoresby Grove, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia


Irene has 5 years of experience as a kahuna practitioner. She is a yoga teacher, trauma sensitive, and is currently studying psychotherapy.  She combines the wisdom of the body, with mind and spirit in a very unique offering.

Nurturing, grounded and present at all times, Irene journeys with you through your experience.

Services Offered

Kahuna Bodywork and Lomi Lomi Massage

Each session is custom-tailored to meet your own unique needs and preferences for:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Emotional support
  • Hot Stones Massage

It is a very unique massage, a deeply therapeutic treatment that relaxes your mind, body, and soul, bringing balance and harmony between them.

It has amazing effects at many different levels:

  • it flushes out the toxins

  • treats the lymphatic system​

  • improves circulation and sleep ​

  • It is also very effective when experiencing grief, stress, loneliness, anxiety, or any emotional distress

  • when in need to slow down,

  • or simply because YOU DESERVE IT!

1:1 ONLINE Yoga, pranayama & meditation
Irene has a background in different styles of yoga, concentrative and expressive meditations as well as bodywork.

Irene believes that the body has all the tools to heal and support itself, and would love to be of support in your journey to balance, self-love, and compassion.


1:1 ONLINE Yoga, pranayama & meditation
45 minutes · $30
SPECIAL PRICE for an online session to support you during the pandemic. Scale price from $5 to $70 according to where you find yourself at. These sessions are individually tailored to your needs and to this
Lush treat: 120min massage
2 hours · $235
Deluxe treat: 90min massage
1 hour 30 minutes · $175
Bookings: calendly.com/kahunatemple
Warm treat: 75min massage
Duration varies · $155
Restore treat: 60min massage
Duration varies · 130$
FINANCIAL CRISIS prices available. Please contact me.


Monday & Tuesday 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday to Friday 9:30am – 7pm
Saturday 9:30am – 12pm (midday)


Learn More

What is Ka Huna?

Ka Huna is an ancient technique that has its origins in the South Pacific Islands.
In Hawaiian Kahuna means “wise man”, and in North America, it is known as “the person in charge”.

In Ancient times Kahuna Bodywork was performed in the healing temples by Kahuna priests.
These were sacred and formal rituals, offered as ‘rites of passage’ to key members of the community and young adults, in order to develop a strong sense of social and family responsibility with expanded awareness and spiritual empowerment.
Nowadays Kahuna Bodywork is used as a profound way to support the body back into balance, to completely relax the mind, and supports the client in coming back into a space of centredness, calm and clarity.

Irene combines different techniques such as Lomi Lomi and Thai massage, as well as her passion for TCM, to accommodate the client’s needs. She believes that through presence, nurturing and loving touch, the body finds its way back to balance.


Can I have a shower after the massage?

You can have a shower after the treatment, and there is one available on site for you.

I use hot towels to wipe the oil from your body, and you can have the choice to have a shower.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

Despite better effect when done directly on the skin, you can always choose how much you’d like to undress.If you decide to fully undress, your genitals and buttock will always be covered at all time (no exceptions).Irene always check in with you what feels more comfortable for you.

I don’t like my head to be touched

Before starting a session Irene asks you any areas you would not like to be touch, and adjust according to your preferences.

We are unique being and every day is different. Itene is happy to accommodate your needs.

Do you do deep tissue?

Yes. With kahuna we warm up the body so the muscles open to receive deeper work. We use not only our hands snd forearms but also elbow for deep tissue work.

The combination of deep work , relaxation, music, breathing, and moving around the table has profound effects on the system. It allows letting go of tensions in the body and in the mind.

Is it a relaxation massage?

Kahuna combined with lomi lomi has extremely relaxing effects.

The long and repetitive strokes allow the body to drop into the parasympathetic system activating the ‘rest and restore’ capacity of the body.

Although it caries, it is not unusual to fall asleep during a treatment.

What people say…

I loved the massage. When she was massaging me I just melt into it, she is very sensitive and her hands seems to dance with my whole body, wonderful feeling!

Elisa Caro

Irene offers more than a body work… she offers her heart to you, you can feel it and receive the gentle soul through the touch in your body.

An experience not to be missed.

Coka Klug

Beautiful loving hands and energy, strength and nurturing In such a well held balance… thank u Irene

Mikky Aroha

Irene is such a gift, her work is her love and is by far the best kahuna I’ve ever received. Irene intuitively works with your body opening up where blockages once lay. I felt totally held and supported and safe and was blissfully grateful to receive her work. Highly recommend.

Amanda Schembri

Irene is fantastic! Caring and professional, her magical hands helped me to release all the tension in my stressed shoulders! I highly recommend Irene to all my friends!


Kahuna with Irene is heavenly! She is sensitive, warm & open hearted in every moment of a session.

Everything melts under her touch.

Holly Wodetzki

Wow.. My third kahuna massage, but my first amazing one! I absolutely loved it, Irene has an amazing touch

Josh Roberts