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Body Solace

44 Butler Dr, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia   Show map

Body Solace

44 Butler Dr, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia


Body Solace is a warm and professional healing space in a rainforest setting. We specialise in Ka Huna bodywork and other forms of Hawaiian massage. Whether you are looking to receive deep muscular relief, quiet clarity of the mind, or retrieval of the soul- we have something for you. Each session at Body Solace is custom designed to meet your own unique needs and preferences. This is a safe space for you to come, let your guard down, unwind, and allow yourself be nourished.

Services Offered

Ka Huna

Ka Huna Temple Style Bodywork, is a massage and healing system that originated in the south pacific. Let your body be nourished and invigorated by this ancient style.

Using hot coconut oil and rhythmic flow, your body will relax in no time. We use hands, forearms and elbows to release and revive the muscles, while working on a deeper level to unwind your emotions, and sooth the soul.  Through its dance, KaHuna  massage  takes people to a deep state of relaxed joy. We ensure pressure is as firm or gentle as you wish, and you will only be taken as far as you are ready in each session. Ka Huna is truly a massage like no other.

It is important to have regular bodywork to keep your body healthy, however, below is a list of when Ka Huna especially helpful.

Ka Huna is particularly effective when ….

  • you are feeling physically drained or tired

  • your muscles are tight, sore, or out of balance

  • you are emotionally exhausted and would love to be nurtured

  • times of change – births, deaths, travels, career or relationship changes…

  • Your are feeling stressed or anxious

  • you have experienced emotional turmoil

  • you are feeling stagnant and not sure how to shake free and move forward

  • You are experiencing grief

  • you feel like your body needs help detoxifying

  • you are having trouble sleeping

  • you’d like to slow down

  • you just deserve it!

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi massage is a warm and heart felt style for those people who are feeling a little more conservative, or are still getting used to receiving bodywork. Done with oil, hands and thumbs, it sweeps through the meridians- cleansing the spirit and detoxifying the body. Lomi lomi leaves you feeling nourished,  with a sense of peaceful stillness.

Polynesian Zen Fusion Floorwork

With Polynesian Zen Fusion Floorwork you can just relax on the floor in comfortable clothes.  Allow your muscles to be lengthened, and yourself to be grounded, as I use my body-weight to relax your muscles and realign your body structure. Great for enhancing flexibility, and getting in tune with the power of your breath.

Deep Access Breath Work

Deep Access Breath-Work is a powerful way of accessing the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our fight or flight responses, and is a pathway to access old emotions. This style of breath-work is a effective and powerful way of finding emotion that has been stored in your body, and moving it out. You will be supported through this process with guidance and love.

Drum Journey

Take a shamanic journey to meet your spirit animal, or deeper aspect of yourself. We will take some time at the beginning of your session to establish the most poignant journey for you to choose, we will then move to a mat on the floor for Polynesian Zen Floorwork. This will help your body relax and your mind let go, so that its easier to slip into a trance state and journey where you need to go, to find the wisdom that’s yours to find. There is no guarantees with drum journeys, I create the space and atmosphere, whether or not you drop in depends on your own path.


Pricing is simple at Body Solace, all styles are priced at a set rate. Choose a time to suit your lifestyle.

60 mins – $85
90 mins – $110
120 mins – $145
150 mins – $170


Monday & Friday 9am – 4pm
Tuesday to Thursday 9am – 8pm


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Probably one of the best experiences of my life and by far the best massage I’ve ever had. What a deeply healing experience spiritually as well as physically. The studio is surrounded by nature and Erin adds so many little touches that a massage with her is SO much more than a massage.


Erin creates a warm sacred space. 
A space for healing mind~body~spirit
Through her presence & tender loving care she creates space for transformation with this powerful body work ~ true solace x
Thank you Erin


Such an amazing massage… Erin did wonders for my tired Bricklayers back.. Such good value for money.. Thank you Erin, I will see you again.


Truely magical. My first experience with kahuna massage and I must say I have never had a more amazing massage. Erin is incredible and I highly recommend having her work her magic. Thank you Erin


Unequivocally gifted, Erin delivers such incredible bodywork that even extreme introverts like myself can completely surrender and release- and that’s no mean feat! She easily releases chronic tension in my shoulders and lower back while completely reworking any imbalance from top to toe. It’s always a joy to experience her ‘dance’ (and the guaranteed good nights sleep after!) Very highly recommend.


I’ve only just recently started working on finding my spirituality. My background is within the Medical Profession, so I find it very difficult being able to look at things without having some sort of factual background that has hardcore evidence supporting it. But… I then had a Kahuna Massage from the AMAZING Erin and it blew me away. Physical symptoms that I had for months just melted away, quality of sleep improved and on a spiritual level, I feel different-more open/grounded with the way I perceive things and behave around other people. It really was the most amazing massage/experience and for anyone out there wanting to try one, please go to Erin because she is amazing at what she does. A truly beautiful, gifted and unique woman.


How blessed am I !!
As a Kahuna bodyworker too, I must say I am so deeply grateful to be able to receive such deeply juicy bodywork myself!
The more regular we receive, the more beautiful and deep the journey goes! After my sessions with Erin I feel all the density taken out of life, a feeling of being free. This lightness is not only felt in my physical body, but even more so in my mind -my spirit flies on the wings of light!
This is why I love Kahuna sooo much.
Erin’s got the love to heal the world.
Book regular sessions…. it will change your life!


Erin is an amazing practitioner. I have been seeing her for almost two years and love every minute of my treatments. I always feel nurtured, looked after and loved up after our time together. I feel gifted with physical, spiritual and emotional healing during Erin’s treatments and I highly recommend this to anyone.


Wow! Erin has blown away my misconceptions and understanding of what a “Massage” is and where it can take you. This is totally another level of full body experience. She worked me with complete skill and knowledge of how the body works. Erin works you at your own pace with what each individual is comfortable with. At times I felt I was in another place, physically and mentally as my stresses were lifted away. I feel like a new woman and will be making this a regular treat for my mind, body and soul. I highly recommend her and her gorgeous studio in the rainforest. Thank you Erin, you are amazing.


Wow! Ka Huna Massage…. what a beautifully unique body treatment with the delicious delicate scent of coconut oil mixed with my favourite doTERRA oils! This has to be thee best massage i have ever had! Thank you Erin for introducing me to the powers of Kahuna Hawaiian prayer too…. Beautiful