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Ka Huna Australia Sytle - Ka Huna

We have been working hard with our practitioners to define a signature style of body work for Ka Huna Australia. After much consultation and practice we have forged what we believe to be a style of Ka Huna Bodywork that utilises the lessons we have taken on our journey so far to be able to meet the needs of our clients. Ka Huna Australia is proud of its practioners work and dedication in creating our very own style.

The Relaxation Ka Huna – It is all holistic treatment for reconnecting and realigning Body, Mind and Spirit. It smoothes out any aches and pains, releases muscular tension allowing energy to flow more freely and generates and overall sense of well-being, vitality and empowerment. A relaxation treatment is a wonderful way to pamper a friend or yourself and is a perfect introduction to all that Ka Huna has to offer. It is a comprehensive, full body treatment that relieves stress, quiets the mind and instills a calming sense of peace and deep relaxation.

The Deep Tissue Ka Huna - isn’t that a contradiction? Actually no. Although Ka Huna is best known for it’s soothing deep rhythmic strokes that can take you to a place of bliss – there is also the aspect of finding energetic blocks in your body and releasing them. These energetic blocks are often manifest by tension deep within major muscles/muscle groups. Quite often that tension is just that: tension from over-use or bad posture or related to work. On a physical level that tension requires deep stroking and kneading to release these blocks. On an emotional/spiritual level Deep Tissue Ka Huna may be able to assist you in finding out just what else hides in that tension. How do I deal with stress (physically and emotionally) and trauma and where do I “put” it?

Deep tissue Ka Huna may be the ideal tool to sort out a sore body (great after a stressful week or a hard work-out at the gym) and bringing you back to balance – and may also put you in touch with your “deeper” processes and help release old patterns and replace them with patterns that may serve you better.

The Dreamtime Ka Huna - This Ka Huna Will set your spirit free. For people suffering from stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort, grief or loss, this treatment allows time for the body to relax and heal deeply while the mind and spirit roam freely, gathering insight and new perspectives. A dreamtime treatment helps to release fear, grief, anger and guilt as well as negative beliefs and traumatic memories. This is a full body, mind, sprit treatment that offers an opportunity for greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, bringing clarity, confidence and more love and happiness.

Hot Rocks Ka Huna - Some of you may have had a Hot Rocks treatment in the past. Hot Rocks can vary from just placing hot stones on selected areas of your body to the more intricate way of doing a “hot rocks” treatment. Hot Rocks Ka Huna combines the long flowing strokes of Ka Huna with the heat of the Hot Rocks. It is not a pure hot stone treatment but rather utilises the added power of heat to relax and soothe your muscles by selectively adding a hot stone to strokes – giving you the sensation of both pressure and warmth/heat. This is especially delicious on your back, legs, stomach and neck! Treatments often end with a chakra placement of stones – often back and front- to let you relax and dream for the last 10 minutes.

The Silent Ka Huna – The session starts off with some chanting and synchronizing breath between the client and the practitioner. Harnessed the power of breath, the energy created between the client and practitioner. Absolute concentration on breath allows the client to sink deep into themselves and truly be in the moment concentrating solely on what is going on right there and then. There are no distractions allowing both the client and the practitioner to bond and be as one.

The silent Ka Huna Promotes deep emotional healing, an appreciation to the power of breath and allows the client to be in the present moment giving them truly the opportunity to open up and surrender to their own infinite possibility.

The Shamanic Ka Huna - This is a Ka Huna that is rich in ritual allowing the body worker to work not only on the physical level but on the energetic level utilizing many of the skills held by the Ka Huna’s of Hawaii. The Practitioner will work with the spirits and guides of the client, power animals and ancient Huna symbols, connecting on the deepest of levels with the client to assist with deep and profound healing.

The Shamanic Ka Huna combines the beauty of Bodywork with the ancient magic of Huna.

The Ka Huna Royal (2 Practitioners) - A Royal Ka Huna is the ultimate indulgance for yourself or a loved one! Not just one bodyworker giving you an amazing Ka Huna but 2 bodyworkers at the same time working in total harmony!

This is about totally letting go and experiencing freedom and joy.
At any given moment you may feel four arms sliding up and down and under you body – gently stretching you in opposite directions and transporting you to bliss.
A bit like diving into a great friendly ocean that tosses you gently about and envelopes you in waves of unconditional love!

You will melt into bliss and joy – words cannot describe this delicious experience.