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My First Ka Huna - Client Stories

At Ka Huna Australia we have been honored to have some of our clients and our friends share with us the stories of their first Ka Huna Expereince. We have share a new sotry every month in our newsletters - if you have a sotry to share please send us an email to info@kahunaaustralia.com.au and we would be more than happy to share this in our newsletters and include it on the web site.

Ka Huna has made such a difference to many people, here are some of those stories

My Ka Huna experience...

I have worked as a healer in Sydney now for about 9 years, and prior to that I had travelled extensively through both Europe and the US studying and doing my energetic healing work where it was needed.

I friend of mine, who could see I was struggling a little with some stuff suggested that I go and see this guy in Glebe, my friend described him as a "healers healer". When I hear names and stuff like that I am very relucent to actually invest any time or effort as more often than not it's about ego, but I agreed to book a session with him which I did for the following week.

I arrived at the Centre in Glebe to be met by huge smile and wide open eyes and what could only be described as a HUGE heart space. The practitioner invited me in and we sat and talked at length about the work I do, my life and experiences to date. I then suddenly realised all of my reservations had been left at the door and I felt a true connection with the soul I was communicating with.

The practitioner took me down stairs and explained a little more about the work that he does, he also told me about the building and the space he was working from (what an amazing space it is indeed). I climbed up onto the table and then totally surrendered to what was about to happen.

I am actually not really sure what happened, one minute I was face down on the table feeling the waves of the ocean washing over me, and the sounds of angles singing and the next thing I know, I am overcome with emotions that I didn't even know I was carrying. I feel such anger, and given the space I was in, I could do nothing more than to let it out, while I don't remember what actually happened, I do know I must have used my voice as at the end of it all, my throat was horse.

The practitioner then rolled me over and after ensuring that I was feeling ok, again making sure that I was comfortable I then started to feel the waves again of the ocean, but this time the angles where not singing, it was the practitioner, his voice was so mesmerising, it feel as though every note he sang went right into my heart. I could feel every vibration and with that came more tears, I was conscious enough to know that the tears existed but unsure as to why - was it sadness, or was it simply pure joy and love. I guess at the end of it all - it really doesn't matter.

The practitioner then finished the treatment acknowledged the "great work" I had done and left me to rest and compose myself. I finally raised myself of the table, after what felt like hours but in real terms was only 15 or so minutes, when I went to the shower, I found that he had put a frangipani behind my ear in my hair.

I walked up stairs to again see this smiling face and overflowing heart space. We sat and talked over some peppermint tea and fruit and nuts - what an amazing experience this was and so not what I was expecting.

I know that the practitioner does not refer to himself nor does he like to be referred to as the "healers healer" but he did promise to leave my first Ka Huna statement in tact.

My first Ka Huna was a journey to unlock stuff that I didn't know existed, an experience of filling my heart with love and a joy to meet an amazing man. I am so grateful for what I received and am telling everyone I know that they must experience "the magic of the dance"

My Ka Huna experience...

When I first booked in for a Ka Huna Massage, I really did not know what to expect. I had heard a little from friends who had been before but really didn’t know what it was all about.

There where a couple of big things going on in my life, things I was not really dealing with. A relationship that was decaying from the inside and not wanting to face the conflict or the distrust that was festering, nor to discuss about the issues in the relationship. Facing pressure in my job both in corporate world as well as pressures of working in a community based organisation. All this along with personal attacks from people around me who I had given my trust and respect to being either friends or colleagues. I was trying to keep everyone around me happy at the cost of my own happiness and health but I had to keep going… after all that’s what my world expected of me – or so I thought

After spending a little bit of time talking to the practitioner I climbed up on the table, not knowing of the ride I was about to embark upon. What I did know was I was going to be a nice relaxing massage and in an hour and a half I would get up and get on with my life. How wrong I was.

As soon as the practitioner put his hands on me.. I felt an instant connection; I felt not only his hands on me, but the hands of many others… who else was in the room? At this point I got a little nervous, but was so tied, so exhausted and so over it all I had no energy to fight any longer and so I surrendered…

The actual massage was a bit of a blur for me… I remember seeing lots of colour, deep rich shades of blue and green. I remember lots of tears and I remember lots of stuff coming to the surface that I had pushed deep down never wanting to deal with.

When I left the treatment, I felt great I was not sure why I did. The friend who had told me about Ka Huna offered to pick me up afterwards but I said I would be ok… I took my time walking home thinking about what had just happened to me… and then out of no where came the tears… they came and came, and didn’t stop… it took me about 30 min to get home and I cried for most of the walk I had to call the practitioner when I arrived home.. he was great and spent another 30 min talking with me about what I was feeling..

From that day forward, I have been hooked on Ka Huna … I have been to see lots of different practitioners and every time is a great experience. Ka Huna for me has been a way of working through some of the stuff that is deep inside and to shine a torch on the scariest parts of my being, only to find that they are not that scary at all.

My Ka Huna experience...

I recently had my first Ka Huna body work session.  I had seen it advertised but didn’t really know what it was all about.  One day I felt like a massage because I had been working hard at the gym.  I called up to see if I could get in for an appointment.

I walked in, and I have to say, I was a little taken back by what I saw.  A room filled with candles, oils burning, an alter with flowers and beads on it and a very strong man, who seemed so caring and compassionate.  I knew that this was not going to be a standard massage but I thought hey I am up for it.

The body worker and I sat and talked for about 15 minutes before he started the session, we talked about lots of stuff, what was going on in my body, what was going on in my life, a little about my kids and my wife as well as work… I felt like I had met my practitioner before, and we did talk about that but could not figure out if or where we had met.  I felt completely at ease and comfortable. 

I got up on the table and as the body worker started, he said to me, enjoy your journey.  I remember thinking “what an odd thing to say” but when it was all over – I got what he meant.

I tired not to think too much about what was going on, and what the body worker was doing.  He had strong hands that where very warm… I took his advice and concentrated on my breath – breathing in and our slowly and rhythmically.  

As I laid face down on the table, I was transported to a place in my mind; well I think it was a place in my mind.  I walked slowly with the body worker, though a lush and very green forest; along the way we stopped and meet a series of men along the way.  We spoke without words to each other, smiled acknowledged one another then simply kept walking.  I knew these people, and they knew me... It all fell into place for me when I meet the last man on the path it was my father.  I had just meet a series of men, who where my forefathers.  This is not what I was expecting.    I had never met any of these men before, I had seen photographs of some of them, heard stories that had been passed down by others in my family, but this was a true connection for me of my past and the men that who had a hand in my existence.

After the session was completed, I felt so much more connected to myself and my family.  The relationship between my father and I had been strained and often argumentative.  He lost his battle with Cancer about a year before, I felt as though that time we spent talking, cleared the air between us, we said what we needed to say and then moved on..

I have since that day a stronger relationship with my family, and as I type these words, I do give thanks and celebrate my father for all that he has given to me… I miss him more than I realised, but I know that he is in a beautiful space, and you never know one day we may visit each other again…

My Ka Huna experience...

I first discovered Ka Huna around 2 years ago. I was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from working too much and taking on too much from other people in my life. A friend of mine was a practitioner and she had been offering me her services for some time. I finally relented and within a few minutes I was concentrating on the breathing (both hers and mine) and began to experience the relationship between body, mind and spirit. It left me with a feeling of love and contentment and I continued to see her for a few months. It certainly helped to ease the tension of my life at the time, but without the commitment to looking after my spiritual self, my world soon started to fall apart.

For the next 18 months I suffered bouts of debilitating depression. Traditional therapy and medication was not helping. I had no motivation for work, social activities or for my relationship. I had felt like I was living in a fog of darkness and suffocation and the more I retreated into the shadows in an attempt to escape, the more depressed I had become and the more I pushed people away. I was letting down my partner, my family and my friends and I could not hold down a job. As much as I fought to try and do things differently, the relationship I had with myself was not allowing me the opportunity for change and healing.

Five months ago my partner left me, unable to believe in the person she first met anymore. Most of my “friends” were long gone, as my social skills had deteriorated to a point where I was incapable of holding a conversation and I could only bear to be around people where there where drugs involved. Even then, I was the weird depressed one sitting in the corner who no-one wanted to talk to. My mind was playing tricks on me, and I could no longer believe the reality that was being presented to me on any given moment. I was paranoid, delusional and I was contemplating ending the pain and darkness inside when something told me start looking at alternate ways of dealing with things.

I have known and trusted Craig for many years now. He is my best friend, my soul brother, my husband (as far as we can be) and my teacher. I gifted to him his first Ka Huna massage and to see him transform through his journey always inspired me. As hard as it was to summon the courage, I placed myself in his big safe hands and asked him to heal me.

His response was simple. He said I had to heal myself, but he would be there to help.

What has begun is an exciting pathway of personal growth. We have visited many dark spaces in my mind and body together through touch, through meditation and through the movement of energy, all on his massage table. He has filled me with love and hope and worth. He has helped me heal myself over the past months to the point where I am once again comfortable with who I am and where I am going. I am so excited about my own transformations. I cannot imagine a time in my life where I have been more in touch with myself.

This extended Ka Huna experience will always be difficult to put into words, but I will attempt to describe it as this:

It is a nurturing of the mind that combines with an almost out of body experience for the soul, while all the time having a magnificent sensation and relaxation of the flesh. It is cleansing me emotionally as well as physically, we are removing built up physical tensions, emotional scars, and mental anguish. We are pushing my mind to a point of stillness and pure relaxation. I am being drawn through a variety of emotions that had been lying dormant for many years and facing them head on and processing them once and for all.

I am becoming a better person for myself and for the others around me through this experience and In 2 weeks time I travel to high spirits retreat to begin my own journey to become a Ka Huna practitioner. In 6 months time I travel again to Africa, where I plan to join a project team building houses for those we are not as fortunate as ourselves. I have once again found purpose and ways in which to contribute to the world we live in. And, my journey will not stop there, I then plan to study holistic counselling and emotional healing.

In a world where there is so much darkness, bitterness and hate, where you are never sure when or how or who to turn to for help, Ka Huna can be a magical experience to help you re-connect with yourself. And from re-connecting with yourself, you can take into your own world and circle of experience your own personal love and joy. Now, imagine a world where everyone was filled with that!

My Ka Huna experience...

Working daily with massages and energy exchange can be both draining and exhausting for muscles and soul. Massage therapists need to recharge and what I normally would do is to go to the beach, soak up the sun, listen to the sounds of the waves and re-energise and build up new power.

Well, for those of you who have met Craig - you will probably all understand what I am trying to express in words (something very difficult when I rather would express it with music, movement or colours)

My first Ka Huna massage with Craig was a journey. A stunning and colourful journey in a different space that I totally had forgotten about. I already knew Craig so it was natural that we had a long chat before the massage. He told me that this massage would be different to the ones I do and that I should just relax and not try to analyse too much what was going to happen. The chat made me curious, and I knew I was in for a treat. I also knew I would be able to trust him fully and I was willing to surrender to his powers, hands and song.

Both Craig and I share the same philosophy when it comes to massage. It's a 'total' experience that must attract all senses and boy, does Craig know what he is talking about the room so full of beauty, so generous with soft light-music- colour and life. I can't explain in words what happened during the next 2 hours on the table but I was taken back to memories from my childhood that I totally forgot about. I was at my parents' summer house. Mother was teaching me to swim and she held me safely in her arms to the surface of the water. She was humming a song to calm me down: well it wasn't my mother. It was Craig and his strong warm hands, holding me - just like my mother used to do, just humming a different song.

You need to experience this journey. I recommend all my clients to visit Craig too, as it's hard to describe what a Ka Huna with Craig is all about. My best word for it would probably be LOVE.

After we finished our first session we had a long reflection chat about the massage. Craig gave me compliments and told me how much he enjoyed doing this with me and THAT'S IT! It's the exchange that is so tremendously powerful, the flow of energy that flows between us throughout the massage. Like waves on the ocean. The ocean of love.

Craig has become a very special friend - much through our daily chats, but most of all through the power of his hands and heart.

My Ka Huna experience...

I have been on my spiritual journey for about 8 years, with everything going to plan. I became a Reiki Master in 2003 and decided that I was content with what I had achieved until the end of 2005 when I had an accident at the place I work. Due to this accident, I had developed RSD and Epycondolytis and with this had bouts of Depression for two years. I thought I had no choice but to let the Medical profession and work try to deal with this problem.

I was beginning to lose my way spiritually physically and mentally. I had lost interest in my Reiki and my friends and just did what I needed to do to get by each day. This had a major effect on my family as I am a divorced father of four great boys, who I had become so reliant on to get chores done around the house while I just sat around feeling sorry for myself, till one day while surfing the internet I came across a site for Ka Huna Australia.

I read the web site and found an email address to make contact with a Practitioner in Sydney. As I live about five hours west of Sydney, I needed to make plans and set about making appointments. The week leading up to my trip to Sydney was quite unusual as the chain of events that took place just blew me away with so many of my friends calling in and offering their natural therapies and there help. I am usually the one running around helping everyone else and being too stubborn to accept help when I need it, so I gladly accepted.

I went to Sydney and met this great guy at his studio and was greeted with a large smile and warm handshake, we sat and talked for about an hour and a half about what we do and I felt so comfortable. My intuition was telling me that this man could help me get my life back on track and an appointment would be arranged for the next day.

I had arrived for my appointment and was soon feeling that I was in safe hands, I regularly meditate but had never felt this type of relaxation, love and warmth before, I had surrendered my mind, body and spirit to this body worker and soon was having an out of body experience, all this attention brought a tear to my eye as I was feeling sad that I had allowed myself to get into the mess I was in, It wasn't long before I was completely relaxed and began to enjoy all that this man was doing to help.

It has been a few weeks since my visit to Sydney and I have so much energy, I am back to doing my house renovations and doing all the other things including my Reiki again. This man has helped me get back what I had lost and help put me back on the path again, sometimes it is just so easy to fall into the trap of self pity and depression and all it really takes is warmth love, and some ones kindness and time to help you overcome it. For this I am so grateful.

I must also add that a few I my closest friends wanted to experience a Ka Huna Bodywork and asked if it could be arranged for this man to visit our country town, He accepted the invitation and in two days of bodywork has made positive changes to everyone involved, it was a very special two days of spiritual growth and learning as a couple of amazing things that just cannot be put into words happened, I feel that this was all part of the journey and very happy to have been a part of it.

I have decided that I would like to take the next step of this journey with a dear friend of mine and become a member of the great Ka Huna family. I would like to thank you Craig with all my heart, you have helped me in so many ways and one day would like to share more of this love and kindness to others.